Kariba Redd++ Forestry Project

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We are excited to announce that as of 4th November 2013 we are selling credits from the newly validated Kariba REDD project. This project aims to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in the Zambezi catchment area of Zimbabwe, while also providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for poor communities in this region.

FAO Zimbabwe measures carbon footprint

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FAO Zimbabwe have calculated their carbon footprint as part of a wider program to quantify their impact on the environment.

-re extends footprint calculation

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The environmental consultancy, -re, has this year extended its footprint monitoring to include all of its countrywide branches.

CAFCA Zimbabwe measure carbon footprint

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Congratulations to CAFCA Zimbabwe for measuring their carbon footprint with Climate Africa!

California acts on climate change

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California has been behind every key U.S. effort to curb limit fossil-fuel emissions since the 1960s. This week it launched a cap and trade system as part of its climate mitigation strategy.

Somkhele reaffirms commitment to carbon program

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Congratulations to Somkhele mine for completing its 2012 carbon footprint, and achieving, once more, a Climate Standard Level 1 certification.

Mandatory Carbon Reporting

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Nick Clegg has recently unveiled plans for mandatory carbon reporting for companies in the London Stock Exchange. This will come into force at the start of the next financial year.

-re renews footprint commitment

-re- image

Congratulations to -re, Return on Environment, for completing their 2012 carbon footprint assessment.

CardZapp creates carbon innovation

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An innovative new company, CardZapp, has just started offering a mobile app that sends e-business cards. Climate Africa have calculated the carbon, water and wood savings for each cardboard business card averted by customers who use the CardZapp app.

Somkhele mine measures carbon footprint

somkhele-mine-measures-carbon-footprint image

Congratulations to Somkhele Anthacite Mine for completing their carbon footprint calculation and achieving Level 1 of the Climate Standard certification system.

Climate Change Conference in Durban 2011

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The Durban conference ended on Sunday with a last-ditch deal whereby developed and developing countries will for the first time work on an agreement that should be legally binding on all parties. The new agreement should be written by 2015 and come into force after 2020.

Australian Carbon Tax

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After months of debate, Australia passed its controversial carbon tax legislation. The country’s intention to tax carbon emissions cleared its final barrier on 8 November, with the Senate voting 36 to 32 in favour of the tax.

SA carbon tax in 2012

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Earlier in the year Climate Africa was part of the advisory team that made recommendations to the South African government regarding methods of structuring a carbon tax.

The South African government has received these recommendations and is currently in the process of finalising its carbon tax policy.

Our new website launch!

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Welcome to our new look website! In fact, it's not just a new look, it's a new everything. We've adopted an improved content management system that will rank better with search engines (good news for those of you who've been thwarted by our less than spectacular Google rank.)

African Ascent Project measures carbon footprint

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Well done to African Ascent Project for measuring their carbon footprint!

Overtone measures carbon footprint

Congratulations to Overtone for doing their carbon footprint!

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